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What could be better than this in terms of audience reach? This is even better than a conventional print or broadcast ad, the hype and attention a hot air balloon gets cannot be matched with other conventional forms of advertising.

It’s like a giant hoarding the only difference being that it lines the sky, it can be viewed by hundreds of people all across the city from different locations, it does not miss the attention of passers by and it amazes everyone irrespective of ages.

The reach of a normal hoarding is minuscule compared to a hot air balloon. Most of the conventional forms of advertising lose out to the charm and the mystery surrounding what goes on in the sky.

If you are a marketing professional looking forward to captivate people and make them talk about  your brand than the best way to do it is by putting across the sky!! We provide specialized solutions for aerial marketing:

Hot Air Ballooning –Flying High

People would not read advertisements, if they had the option of being amazed by them. No one would talk about a new hoarding if it appears in your neighborhood, would they??But think about  a balloon in the neighbourhood!! A hot air balloon provides you a spot higher and better than your competitors, quite literally.

The balloon forms a part of the person's mental imagery about the brand because of its uniqueness. Balloons are always associated with fun; nobody can be uncharged with a balloon. So if are looking at building strong images and impressions about your brand in the consumer’s  mind then hot air balloons are the easiest way to do it.

Air Ship Promotions –Bigger Than The Best

Yeah!! It certainly can get bigger and better than a hot air balloon: an airship with your brand name and logo traversing across the sky and captivating people’s attention across its path.

Banner Towing – Just Around The Corner

The excitement of an airship and the charm of a hot air balloon, all packaged together. People would definitely follow the aircraft with the banner sailing across the sky.

Our  Future Endeavors ….

  • An International Balloon Festival in South India.

  • An Air Sports Training Academy Setup. 
  • A Hot Air Balloon Passenger ride Service. 

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